CEA Sick Bank

A Sick Bank (“Bank”), the operation of which shall be jointly administered by a Sick Bank Committee (“Committee”) comprised of three (3) representatives from CEA (the CEA President and two appointed CEA members) and two (2) representatives from Administration (the Director of Human Resources and the Assistant Superintendent/Director of Teaching & Learning, or their designee).

It shall be governed by the rules below, and shall be available for members of the bargaining unit on a voluntary basis.

1.      Initial applications for membership will be submitted to the Director of Human Resources using the “Application to Join the Sick Bank” Form. After the Bank is put into effect initially, employees may join only by submitting the “Application to Join the Sick Bank” Form to the Director of Human Resources during the annual open enrollment period in the Spring. Newly hired employees shall have an opportunity to join the Bank in the first thirty (30) days of employment.  Employees not choosing to join the bank at the first opportunity available to them shall not be permitted to join the Bank until the subsequent annual enrollment period.  

2.      An employee must be a member of the Sick Bank to donate or receive sick days from the Sick Bank.

3.      Members of the Bank will contribute two (2) sick days to the Bank in their first year of membership.  Members will contribute one (1) sick day to the Bank each year thereafter.  Members may contribute up to fifteen (15) sick days to the Bank upon retirement.  

4.      As early as possible, a Bank member who anticipates a need to use the Sick Bank must submit an “Application to Receive Sick Days from the Sick Bank” form, a copy of the “Certification of Health Care Provider for an Employee's Serious Health Condition” or a copy of the “Certification of Health Care Provider for a Family Member’s Serious Health Condition” form, and a “Record Release Form” to the Director of Human Resources.  The “Application to Receive Sick Days from the Sick Bank” must include the number of sick days being requested.   

5.      The Sick Bank Committee shall meet once a month or on an as needed basis to review Sick Bank applications.  The Sick Bank Committee shall render a decision within five (5) to ten (10) school days.  Decisions of the Sick Bank Committee require the support of at least four (4) out of the five (5) Committee Members.  All Sick Bank Committee Members will be required to sign a confidentiality statement.  

6.      Bank benefits shall be available to any Bank member for their serious health condition or to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition.  Bank benefits shall not be available to employees for child bearing/rearing leave.  Bank benefits shall not be available to employees receiving worker’s compensation or long-term disability.  

●    “Immediate family” means an employee’s spouse, domestic partner, parent or individual who stands in loco parentis (as legally defined), child(ren) (including stepchild, foster child, child of an employee standing in loco parentis (as legally defined) or child of domestic partner) who has a serious health condition and who requires the personal attendance of the employee to care for the family member’s serious health condition.   

7.      Sick days received from the Sick Bank shall not go into effect until a Bank member has exhausted all of his or her accumulated sick days and personal days.

8.      At the discretion of the Committee, a maximum withdrawal from the Bank for each member shall be no more than 15 sick days upon each application.  Members may reapply for additional sick days in increments of 15 sick days maximum.  For catastrophic illnesses, a member may apply for more than 15 sick days. 

9.      Contributed days shall remain in the Bank and may not be withdrawn by a member upon retirement, resignation, or termination from the District, or on resignation from the Bank.  At the end of each school year, all unused days in the Bank shall be carried forward with the Bank for the next school year.

10.  If the Bank member receiving sick days from the Sick Bank returns to work before the received days have been expended, the unused sick days shall be returned to the Sick Bank at the end of the school year.

11.  All records pertaining to operation of the Sick Bank shall be maintained by the Committee.

12.  All decisions of the Sick Bank Committee are final.  Denial of request for sick days shall not be grievable.

13.  In the event that the Sick Bank reaches zero days, the Committee shall convene to discuss and come up with a solution.  

14.  If relevant portions of this Sick Bank are declared illegal or in violation of the School Code or other applicable statute by any Appellate Court of last resort or other Court of competent jurisdiction, the Bank shall forthwith be dissolved or mutually amended to conform with such decisions. In the event of dissolution, the days shall be returned pro rata to the members and the parties will meet and discuss concerning implementation of a new Bank complying with the legal requirements of such decision or opinion. 


Sick Bank Dates 
2016-2017 Inaugural Open Enrollment Period: Monday, February 20, 2017  - Monday, February 27, 2017
2016-2017 Inaugural Effective Date:  Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - Friday, June 30, 2017
2017-2018 Open Enrollment Period: Monday, May 8, 2017 - Friday, May 19, 2017
2017-2018 Effective Date: Saturday, July 1, 2017 - Saturday, June 30, 2018 

 Sick Bank Forms 
(Also available on your Google drive) 
Request to Receive Sick Days 
Committee Use 
Sick Bank Committee Member Confidentiality Statement *For Sick Bank Committee Member Use Only*