Operations Committee

Wednesday, April 2, 2014



1)   Welcome and opening comments

2)   Approval of minutes from March 5, 2014 – Attachment 2 (Action)

3)   Facilities

a)   Cooling Coil Replacement RFP No. 2014-35 – Attachment 3a (Action)

b)   Radon test results – Attachment 3b (Information)

i)    Davis Elementary School  

ii)   McDonald Elementary School

iii)  Transportation Depot  

iv)  William Tennent High School  

v)   Willow Dale Elementary School

c)   Window Washing Quote 14-013 – Attachment 3c (Action)

4)   Technology

a)   IEP Writing/Case Management Software RFP 2014-29 – Attachment 4a (Action)

b)   Board Room Audio Enhancements Bid 2014-30 – Attachment 4b (Action)

5)   Adjournment

6)   Read At Home - Attachment 6

a)   Capital reserve fund plan of finance update – Attachment 6a (Information)

           b)   End user technology refresh ecosystem – Attachment 6b (Information)




Next meeting May 7, 2014 at 7:30 PM


2013-14 Meeting Dates


The Acrobat links below will open the meeting minutes.  Note, minutes will be posted after acceptance by the full Board.
The Video links below will play the video of the meeting.


 Acrobat  August 7 Minutes
 Video August 7 Video
 Acrobat  December 4 Minutes
Video December 4 Video
 Acrobat  April 2 Minutes
Video April 2 Video
 Acrobat   August 28 Minutes
 Video August 28 Video
 Acrobat  January 8 Minutes
Video January 8 Video
 Acrobat  May 14 Minutes
Video May 14 Video
 Acrobat  October 2 Minutes
Video October 2 Video
 Acrobat February 5 -Cancelled
 Acrobat  June 4 Minutes
Video June 4 Video

 Acrobat  November 6 -No meeting
Video November 6 - No meeting       

 Acrobat  March 5 Minutes
Video March 5 Video
Ms. Kati Driban, Chairperson
Mr. Mark B. Miller
Dr. Andrew Pollock

Alternate - Mrs. Jane Schrader Lynch