Centennial School District

Centennial School District

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2015- 2016 Finance Committee

will meet at 7:00 pm on the dates listed below.
To view the current Finance Committee agenda, please click here.
You will be redirected to BoardDocs to view the public agenda.
The Acrobat links below will open the meeting minutes. Minutes will be posted after Board approval.
The Video links below will play the video of the meeting.

Acrobat  August 17 Minutes
Video August 17 Video

Acrobat  December 21 Minutes

Video December 21 Video 

Acrobat April 18 Meeting

Video April 18 Video

Acrobat September 28 Minutes
Video September 28 Video

Acrobat January 25 Meeting

VideoJanuary 25 Video

Acrobat May 16 Meeting
Video May 16 Video

Acrobat October 19 Minutes
VideoOctober 19 Video

Acrobat February 22 Meeting
VideoFebruary 22 Video

Acrobat  June 20 Meeting
Video June 20 Video

Acrobat  November 16 Minutes

Video November 16 Video


Acrobat March 21 Meeting

VideoMarch 21 Video


      Committee Members:
            Mr. David Shafter, Chairperson
            Mr. Michael Hartline
            Mr. Mark B. Miller 
            Alternate:  Mr. Charles Kleinschmidt