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ParentCamp 2017

Parents and Guardians:

Klinger Middle School will be hosting the first ever ParentCamp in 2017 (date not yet determined).  A ParentCamp is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between parents and the school.  ParentCamp would be held on a specific date from 6:00-8:00.  Parents would be able to choose multiple sessions based on personal interest they have and/or sessions that are developed for our parents by our faculty.  Parents have the freedom to choose how many sessions they would like to attend which gives you the flexibility to stay for one session or for the entire evening.  Refreshments and light snacks will be provided for the event. Below is a link to an interest survey so we can start building our session offerings.  If you are interested in attending please complete the survey.  We have provided a few examples to gauge interest but also left an area for you to request sessions that are of interest to you.  We are looking forward to making this a huge success but we need your help and participation to make it a success.  We look forward to reading your responses and getting our first ParentCamp rolling.

Klinger Faculty and Staff

Survey Link-