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Behind the Lens Film Festival


Filmmaking develops visual literacy. It fosters research, organization, planning, analysis and synthesis skills. It develops oral, visual and writing presentation skills, negotiating, communication and other interpersonal skills. It creates awareness of community, family and self, connections between curriculum and the world outside the classroom. It is a rich method to explore content and surround the project with authentic experiences.


While the benefits of filmmaking in the classroom encompass student awareness, creativity, engagement, technical learning, it also provides a bridge to life outside the classroom. The experiences learned and the skills developed will make them much more than better filmmakers, they will become better thinkers. William Tennent High School is proud to announce the 2nd annual Student Film Festival. The festival is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the creative talents and accomplishments of students.


This fun event gives participants the chance to see their films featured on the “big screen” and maybe even be honored at a red-carpet Awards Ceremony on April 20th, 2017.


Click here to learn how to participate!